The introduction of Temper Dysregulation Disorder With Dysphoria (TDD) is mainly a reaction to the consensus within child and ado­les­cent psychiatry that many children who have significant problems con­trolling their tempers are misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I previously addressed this in a topic in this website. Children who over­react to slight provocations with frequent outbursts of physical aggression and/or verbal rages are those that might be diagnosed with TDD as long as they meet the other criteria of the disorder. The children that meet this criteria, from my experience, make up a sizable group that are assessed and treated by child psychiatrists and other professionals. I welcome the diagnosis with the hope that it will lead to better treatment. An impression has been that in over diagnosing Bipolar Disorder, children were being administered medication that was inappropriate. The new diagnosis will have, in the very least, the result of better research into the understanding, psychotherapy and medicating, when indicated, of these children.